Welcome to HaGabay's website!
  • The HaGabay software provides a perfect solution for managing synagogues, and it is already greatly implemented in Israel and all over the world.
If you are not familiar with our software and want to try it - you can download it free-of-charge, and you will only be limited with the printing.
You can see a partial specification of our software in the 'About' page.
In order to purchase our software, contact us at:
Phone: (+972) 054-5655765
E-Mail: support@hagabay.com

HaGabay 2 license: 1800 NIS, for a life-time license.
If you want to upgrade from HaGabay to HaGabay 2 you will only have to pay the difference between the two, of 800 Shekels.

It is recommended to check our website for software updates every two weeks, to keep the software you purchased updated.

HaGabay 1 Users: The software is still available for download at the download page.

Currently we provide only support by email, and not by phone.
If you need support for HaGabay 1, please contact hagabay@netvision.net.il
If you need support for HaGabay 2 or LTM, please contact support@hagabay.com


Having trouble? Requests? Suggestions?
The software was developed by a well-experienced software team, with great knowledge in the need of the Gabays - and in co-operation with Gabays - and knew how to develop it exactly for their needs.

But there may be features we did not think of, but you find them necessary.

So we ask you to tell us of any request for a modification or addition to our software, or even a bug you may have found,
And we will do our best to update the software as soon as possible, and post an update in the website.

Write us at:

In the Downloads Page you can see the date of the last software updates,
and download the latest versions.

HaGabay Users: Remember to backup your database before each update! (You might not be able to revert to older versions after an update)


Version Updates:
HaGabay 2
Last Updated 15/04/2024

Last Updated 20/07/2017

HaGabay 1
Last Updated 28/09/2008
Version 1.121.171
Mailing list:
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100% clean
Memorial candle, for the blessed memory of Yehuda Polak
As a memorial for Yehuda Polak, it was decided to develop the HaGabay software.

Yehuda was a great person, a man of stature with open heart and endless giving, and many other great qualities. He always treated respectfully the simple man the same way as the worthy.
His family knew that they can always count on him, in everything.

Yehuda Polak has passed away in 04.03.1999 - 16 in Adar 5759.
HaGabay. Contact at support@hagabay.com, 054-5655765